Monday, July 18, 2016

Turbotax Customer Service | Tech Support Phone | Helpline Number

Which TurboTax version is suitable for you?

There are four versions out there for filing personal tax return. There is also one version for business returns. So the four versions are Basic, Deluxe, Premier and Home & Business. Now it's possible to get online assistance and quick help for all versions of tax preparation software. Dial the given phone number. Call to get quick TurboTax Customer Service.
  • TurboTax Basic: That’s really for people with a simple tax return. This is for people who normally file their return on 1040EZ. It’s typically for people who don’t have a mortgage or a lot of other deductions.
  • TurboTax Deluxe: This is for people who itemize their deductions, donate a lot to charity and have a mortgage. The Deluxe version includes an Audit meter which helps check your return for risk of audit.
  • TurboTax Premier: It has all the same features as TurboTax Deluxe. It includes additional help for people with investment incomes or people who sold mutual funds, people who own rental properties and have income from that. It also this year includes extra tools for helping US retirement and with IRAs. Now it’s possible to get quick help and assistance for TurboTax. Shortcut to get quick help, solutions and assistance for TurboTax is – dial the given TurboTax Phone Number. Call to get quick help from experts.
  • TurboTax Home & Business: This includes additional help for people who have self-employment income, people who run a small business at home, self-employed, people who are sole proprietors or single member LLCs who file on their own personal tax return. This version of TurboTax also lets you create W-2s and 1099s in addition to filing your tax return. It also has guidance for small business startups.

For more assistance and online guidance on how to use TurboTax please dial the given TurboTax Helpline Number. Call to get quick help, assistance from financial experts and online solutions for TurboTax.

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